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Address: No. 215 Nongmin lane,Chengguan District , Lanzhou, Gansu , China

Phone: 0931-8416153

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Address from the president

       Welcome to visit LZEPE website!
       Rome was not built in one day. Based on the diligently and tirelessly hard work of our staff , Lanzhou Great Wall Electrical Power Equipment Co., Ltd (LZEPE) has made much progress in the previous years. We now specialize in manufacturing L.V to H.V (up to 126KV) electrical equipment, machinery, AC &DC contactors, circuit breakers,voltage regulators, thermal relays,automation    control systems and integrated system solutions. The company’s products have high fame popularity and influence in power generation , transmission and distribution, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal, transportation, construction and other industries. Our products not only satisfy domestic customers' demands, but also are widely exported to the

markets of North and South America, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Europe, where we enjoy a sound reputation.
        Today, market competition grew more and more fiercely, LZEPE will gain and dominate the market based on management innovation, technology innovation and system innovation. LZEPE is on the way to excellence success. We will constantly improve our production quality and offer you unsurpassed services and latest-updated reliable and excellent products.

                                                                                            Faxiao   Wu 

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Address: No. 215 Nongmin lane,Chengguan District , Lanzhou, Gansu , China    Phone: 0931-8416153

Fax: 0931-8415605    Zip code: 730000