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Developing Strategy


1.Seizing the opportunity of state clean energy development plan implementation, research and develop high-tech content and high added value new products, exploit related market, and make it become company’s pillar industry.

2.Taking the advantage of existing hydropower station construction experience, actively develop hydropower industry, expand the total installation capacity of hydropower plant to 200 MW by the end of 2015.

3.Merging together with the products and technologies superiority of Great Wall Electrical(GWE), promote the GWE’s brand influence, vigorously develop electrical project system integration, providing comprehensive service to our customers.

4.Making full use of specific advantages of  GWE’s  group company, actively exploit international market, expand market space, achieve economies of scale and company’s leap-forward development。

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Address: No. 215 Nongmin lane,Chengguan District , Lanzhou, Gansu , China    Phone: 0931-8416153

Fax: 0931-8415605    Zip code: 730000