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The national grid to determine the electric vehicle charging station for electric main mode
Read:1259 Date:2011-09-06

Dispatch of sina finance and economics January 7th morning news, national grid in 2011 work conference revealed, state grid electric vehicle charging station will be identified for power, supplemented by inserting filling operation mode. National grid will be in Beijing, Tianjin city construction such as electric vehicle charging for electric service network.

According to the State Grid Corporation of general manager Liu Zhenya introduced, the state will be in accordance with the change of power, supplemented by inserting filling, centralized charging, unified distribution as the basic business model, speed up the electric automobile charge for power plant layout and construction.

" Battery charging will make full use of nighttime power." Liu Zhenya calculated brushstroke Zhang, 100 km fuel consumption and electricity price for 50 yuan. National grid will use the price difference, operation of electric vehicle battery charging for electric business," the car is needless to collect money to buy a car battery, battery need not pay money".

Liu Zhenya discloses, State Grid for battery mounted on the chip, can monitor the battery remaining power, position, remaining mileage, even can inform the driver to a battery for power plant location.

Liu Zhenya expresses, national grid will strive as soon as possible through the country on charging for electric construction mode and technical standard identification authentication, operating in the area of application.

It is reported, the State Grid has been in Hangzhou pilot above mode, will be completed this year, Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Hefei, Nanchang City electric car charging for electric network construction.

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