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Gansu province comes on stage accelerate enterprise technical innovation measures
Read:1066 Date:2011-08-18

Lanzhou News newspaper ( reporter Chen Xiaojun) to further encourage and accelerate ability of innovation of industry technology center to build pace, recently, province committee of industry and information technology, human resources and social security department jointly issued" on accelerating the ability of innovation of industry technology center construction advice", on the technology innovation of enterprises in terms of tax reduction and exemption and technical personnel titles evaluation to some substantial tilt give aid to.

" Notice" provisions, the enterprise technology center for technological innovation special, implement innovation project system of job responsibility, innovation team leader and labor-saving letter appoint sign responsibility book, R & D team selection according to project requirements, cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary, cross the enterprise dynamic combination. On technology innovation in enterprises have made outstanding contributions to the innovation team reward innovation, enterprises can be the team to complete the project added the pretax profit incentives in the year 10%, all expenses charged to cost. Bonus distribution by the leader, innovation project leader income accounted for 30% to 50% of the total bonus. On the innovation in technology have made outstanding contributions to the science and technology personnel, corporate visual performance given salary bonus, equity or stock option incentive. To obtain the labor Commission for Technology Innovation Award, the main R & D personnel ( before 2 ), in the evaluation of title by the same level of professional awards; unit priority review recommended a title; the awards technology work summary as paper; foreign language examination achievement appropriate to relax.

Provincial enterprise technology center technology development fee according to the provisions of the implementation of 100% deduction basis, are allowed to be the actual amount of 50% in pre-tax deduction of enterprise income tax. The national enterprise technology center" supplies for the science and technology development according to the Interim Provisions for the import tax exemption", enjoy the relevant preferential policies.

On enterprises' technology innovation implementation industrialization technological transformation projects and new industrial base project, various government grants or subsidies to offer discount. At the same time, the enterprise technology center to implement dynamic evaluation system, appraisal every two years, two consecutive evaluation, cancel the provincial enterprise technology center designation, no longer enjoy preferential policies.

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Address: No. 215 Nongmin lane,Chengguan District , Lanzhou, Gansu , China    Phone: 0931-8416153

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